GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Equity & Inclusion Commitment


At Germantown Academy, 我们努力培养一个真正反映我们多元化国家的学习者和教育者社区. 我们注意到,我们的每一位学生和员工在GA都有独特的经历,我们的个人身份在塑造这些经历方面发挥着至关重要的作用. As a result, 我们努力创造一种欢迎和包容的十大体育外围平台排名,同时尊重我们之间的差异,以营造一种归属感和接受性的环境.

As we consider each individual’s identity, we realize that there are many different elements which, when combined, help shape the people we know – and that these elements often evolve over time. 身份轮突出了一系列身份特征,这些特征使我们的工作多样化, equity, and inclusion at GA.            


Our Community

Associate Director of Equity & Inclusion

Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Assistant Director of Equity & Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion Leadership Team

GA于2018年秋季成立了这个团队,以以下方式在整个学校社区提供连接点:一对一对话, community conversations, story-telling, social and athletic events, cultural celebrations, student, family, and faculty/staff affinity groups, classroom visits, curriculum review, department meetings, and colleague-to-colleague collaboration.


Rich Schellhas 1760
Head of School

Nidhi McVicar
Assistant Head of School

Sarah Na
Associate Director of Equity & Inclusion

Melissa Fikioris
Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Assistant Director of Equity & Inclusion

Sue Szczepkowski
Head of Lower School

Jonas Jeswald
Head of Middle School

Molly MacKean
Head of Upper School

Tim Ginter
Director of Athletics

Andrea Kurtz
Director of Counseling

Laura Martin
Director of Admission, Enrollment and Financial Aid

Karen Mason
Director of College Counseling

Divisional Diversity and Community Life Coordinators

Pauline Jones
LS  Associate Teacher

Sara Fridirici
LS Math Specialist

Jarrett Anderson
MS French Teacher

Jay Wright
MS Health & Wellness Teacher

Alicia Evans
US English Teacher

Sarah Lloyd
US History Teacher

Rod Thomas
MS/US Assistant Librarian